Celebrating Creativity

The ADC wanted to celebrate a keynote speech made by Oliviero Toscani on creativity at their 2013 Festival in Miami Beach. Their president Ignacio invited Ben to lead the project. Ben brainstormed with the ADC in New York, presenting an experiential direction later from Toronto. The scope of the project changed to prioritize a direct mail peice with the speech printed in it's entirety that would be mailed to 2,000 creative directors. 
Paying Attention.
Toscani is famous for his campaign photography for United Colors of Benneton. Ben contacted Underline Studio. Fidel Peña one of it's partners worked on COLORS magazine when he was at Pentagram with Fernando Gutiérrez in the past. Fidel along with Claire Dawson (Underline's other partner) discerned from the ADC that Toscani needed to approve the work personally—a key insight which informed their already razor sharp competence and intution their design decisions consistently demonstrate.
Launch Results
At the time of writing it's just been a few days since the project was mailed. Already it's related posts on the ADC's facebook page have a few hundred likes. There's healthy healthy twitter engagement. People downloading the posters from the microsite, printing and posting them in their office. 
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